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The generation of the technology era, meaning us, the people of today. We are all about getting an adrenaline rush. Something or anything to keep us excited, high, pumped with adrenaline. What better way to get high on adrenaline than surfing! A perfect opportunity to be the master of waves and fly across the water. All that skill, strategy, and waiting for the ideal wave to carry you up that gives you the best adrenaline rush. And then there is the wipeout! The moment you slip up, you go right into the water, getting wrung like a wet rag in a washer. But you know the weird thing here? Even that wipeout feels fantastic; it`s just the same amount of fun as enjoying the momentum of a perfect ocean wave.

No matter if you are a skilled surfer or a novice, the fun never ends for both and especially when you add some online surfing slot machines to the mix. So let us grab our gear and surf all around the United States of America chasing the perfect wave and having fun!

But do you really need to grab your stuff? Why not adopt the easier method? Why not try online slots while you surf in the background. Is it not easier to grab the metaphorical handle of the online surfing slots and start the fun without any extra distractions, traffic, crowds or noise. You get to have all the enjoyment in the comfort of your home.

Surf Paradise Slot Machine

Just like the name indicates, the paradise slot machine is a surfer’s paradise. In actual it is a seaside of Eastern Australia on the Gold Coast of Queensland. The resort is top-notch, and so is the surf slot machine developed by the Rival.

It is a surf slot with 3 reels and one pay line. One of the most suitable surfing slots for a novice. This classic surfing slot is very easy to understand, and with a little help, it will get you to ripping and shredding competition like a skilled surfer

Surf Paradise Classic Slot

Now let us give you detailed guidelines on the workings of this slot machine and how to have the maximum fun out of it. In this slot machine, you dictate the play table that you will play on, but it will be dependent on how many coins you have placed a bet of on the pay line. The value of one coin starts from $ 0.01 and goes to $ 5. This range gives you a spin range of $0.01 - $50 in one spin. Now, what better can you ask for?

On the three reels of the machine, you will find some standard style BAR symbols commonly found on all classic surf slot machines. But you will also find some surfing-related symbols, namely a wave, a surfboard and a few palm trees.

Let us check the enterprising value of these symbols in the game. Firstly, the wave; it gives you 2000 coins if you can align three waves on the pay line and have a bet placed of two coins. So this makes the wave the symbol that pays the highest amount. If you placed a bet with only one coin, then you only get to have 750 coins as your winnings. So make sure to bet wisely and reap the maximum reward.

Now if you take a closer look, in the background of the reels, you will find the perfect surfing scene. A surfboard placed against a bamboo cabin supporting a roof of straw. Waves are lapping in the distance and palm trees leaning towards the rolling waves.

Then you get the sounds of the rolling waves and the chirping birds, and the moment you get the combination of symbols right on the 3 reels, you get to look at a surfer carrying a surfboard running from the game logo across the 3 reels.

You have all the basics down? Go look for the perfect online surf slot page in your region and start surfing!

Online Slot Machine Big Break Slot Machine

Lets’ go surfing with a twist. As the name indicates, you have higher chances of the higher chances of getting a big break in the surfing waves with the big break slot machine. But what is the twist you ask? Well my dears, the twist is that all the major characters or the lead roles of the game (whatever you like to call them) are nor human figures. They are represented by 5 different types of monkeys and gorillas.

Other than the monkeys, the reels also have fruit symbols on them. Namely; a mango, a kiwi, a banana, a coconut and an avocado. Another best thing is the wild logo symbol and the lucky-break symbol and if you are more fortunate than you lucky break wins get doubled by the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol works as the lucky charm here that gives you free spins whenever it lands the reels 3, 4 and 5. And on top of that, there is not just one free spin, but you get to have 15 free spins. Now come to the bonus round, this can be achieved or activated when you land one monkey on each reel. The bonus round multiplies you triggering bet up to 50 times!

What are the details of the game you ask? Well, the surf slots in this game have 5 reels and 15 pay lines. And you have the authority to change the number of coins you bet on each pay line ( 1 to 10), and you can also change the number of active pay lines. The value of each coin starts from 0.01 and goes till 0.50. So you get the betting range of 0.01 up to 75 on one spin.

If you want the details on more of the online surfing slots like the beach babe and free slot spins than follow up and stay tuned for information on your favourite surfing games!