The best surfing locations for January and February

We have already discussed the regions of the world most suitable for surfing in December. Yet, if you are planning your surfing vacation for January or February, you should check the exact information relatable to these months since in some locations the weather might be changing with seasons in the way you might not predict it. In order to make the choice of a destination for your next winter surfing vacations easier, we have already collected several places in this article.

For advanced surfers who prefer warm weather

Providing you have already spent enough time surfing to call yourself an advanced surfer, you might be interested in visiting Simeule Island which is a part of North Sumatra located in Indonesia. Here, the average temperature during January and February is around 30°C. You will need no wetsuit for your surfing experience here.

Simeule Island is a wonderful destination for surfers due to its amazing Dylan’s Right wave. Actually, this wave is regarded to be the best on the entire island producing very powerful barrels which are also pretty hollow. At the same time, this place is still undiscovered and therefore, is free from crowds. Actually, the place is not even particularly visited by surfers themselves so you can find a lot of unnamed waves here.

Do not be discouraged by the distant location of Simeule Island. It is absolutely worth starting your surfing experience of the new year here.

South Coast of Barbados

If you cannot boast about your excellent surfing skills but you still would like to plan your winter surfing holidays in some place with warm climate, you should go to Barbados and specifically, to its South Coast. Here, the average temperature in January and February is around 28°C which is just perfect for enjoying the sun without being burnt.

Intermediate surfers should check Freights which is a left hand Point Break. The waters of Barbados are pristine and turquoise and the tropical nature are making this region a real paradise. Here, you will need a Rash vest and a pair of boardshorts for surfing.

It is also possible to have a great surfing time in Barbados in winter even if it will be your first experience of surfing. For beginning surfers, it will be better to choose Surfers Point.

For those who prefer even lower temperature

In case you find the temperature of Indonesia or Barbados too high, you might prefer going to Canary Islands. Here, the average temperature during January and February is 25 °C.

The most suitable place for beginners is Flag Beach located in Fuerteventura. In this location, you will find both right hand waves and left hand waves as well as picturesque sand dunes. The infrastructure of the beaches of Fuerteventura is making this place particularly appealing for vacations.

Providing you are more advanced, you might be interested in trying surfing in Playa de Famara which is located in Lanzarote. Famara is one of the most well-known beaches of Canary Islands as it is really large with its length of six kilometres. You will find absolutely different types of tides here and be able to surf at a height between 2 and 8 feet.

If you are planning to visit Canary Islands in January or February, you should take a wetsuits of minimum 2 mm.

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