The best gifts for surfers and their safety

Now, when we have looked at different categories of products that can prove to be extremely useful for surfers and therefore can be used as amazing presents for anyone, there is also one category of gifts you should not forget about. Actually, you should look at these items and think whether you yourself need anything from this list or not.


If you have never surfed yourself, you might be not aware of the amount of time a single surfing session can take. This is actually very important since this translates into the time of sun exposure and is certainly even more relevant for hot locations. Taking into consideration the reflective properties of water, you can imagine how much one can be exposed to the sun.

Needless to mention the seriousness of its effects for skin. The most well-known way to protect oneself from the harm of the intensive sun is the use of a sunscreen. Yet, at this point, you should be very careful.

Although this point is not thus much discussed, it turns out that many beautiful locations with reefs are losing their fauna because of the harmful chemicals contained in sunscreens. It has been officially proved that oxybenzone and octinoxate that are so popular in sunscreens has an extremely negative effect on the ocean life. For that reason they have been banned in Hawaii, however, other chemicals have similar effects. For that reason, you should be extremely careful while looking for a proper sunscreen that will be ecologically-friendly.

Reef booties

Reef booties will be a great gift for anyone who often surfs in the locations filled with reefs. It is definitely better to save one’s feet from the possible injuries.

Ear plugs

If your friend  frequently surfs in the cold water and still has not bought proper ear plugs, you should give him or her a pair of this life-saving gadgets in the first place.

Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to cold wind or water which is so typical for surfing in the cold weather can cause the condition known as surfer’s ear. As you can see, this problem is indeed so common in surfers that it has even received the name related to this sport.

What happens when a person develops this condition is the growth of exostoses or parts of bones of the bone surrounding the ear canal. This with time can completely block the passage. Even though the condition itself is not painful, it can cause recurrent ear infections, hearing loss, cerumen impaction and other unpleasant or even dangerous conditions. In any case, it is just better to get a pair of ear plugs and avoid all of these problems.