The things you might have never heard about surfing

If you are seriously interested in the topic of surfing, in all likelihood, you have already come across a number of commonly known facts regarding this popular sports. Still, there re many things you have never heard about and they might seem really curious for you.

If you want to find out even more fascinating information about surfing, this article will share a nice list of curious things related to surfing you might have no idea are existing.

Study surfing professionally

You might become the best surfing athlete in the world but it does not mean you will have all of the essential knowledge about this sports. If that is what you are looking for and you would like to become a real expert of the world of surfing, just knowing how to surf is not sufficient. What else do you need to know then?

Apparently, there is a lot to discover since some of the universities and schools have a degree in surfing in their offer! One of the examples of such educational institutions is Plymouth University which allow sits students to get a Surf Science and Technology degree. By the way, this university is not located in California as you might expect it to be. Plymouth University is situated in the United Kingdom.

The death rate of surfing

One of the sad facts about surfing is that recently, more and more people die while surfing. Actually, according to the latest statistics, more people died while surfing during the recent fifteen years than during the period of the last forty years. As you can see, the increase in the death rate is really massive.

The reason for it is the fact that more and more people try big-wave surfing which is rather extreme. In fact, such a tendency is common in the case of many other kinds of sports and it is the result of the technological development of the sports equipment. The more advanced the equipment is becoming, the more it is pushing people to go beyond their physical limitations which are now becoming rather blurred. This is one of the modern paradoxes. On the one hand, the technological progress is making sports activities safer and on the other hand it allows people to get an illusion of being safe while making sports even more extreme.

The global industry of surfing

If you are wondering what is the condition of the global industry of surfing right now, you should know it has over twenty million participants all over the world whereas the worth of the industry itself is around ten billion dollars.

Dog contest for surfing

You might have never heard about the contests in surfing organised for animals. Indeed, such contests exist and one of them is organised for dogs in California on Huntington Beach. The aim of this event is fund raising for the welfare of animals. Dogs actually actively participate in the event as they are supposed to stand on the board as long as possible and feel confident while they are riding waves. These are the aspects for which they are judged.

Skateboarding and surfing

If you have never been particularly interested in skateboarding, you might have no idea that skateboarding is an offshoot of the water sport. The idea of attaching wheels to the boards intended to create an alternative to the effect of riding waves which gave more opportunities for practicing.

Artificial waves

It is not a secret that people are capable of simulating various conditions which might be required for performing different types of sports. Surfing is not an exception to the rule and now, you can visit various wave parks with artificial tides which will allow you to enjoy surfing inland.

The thoughts of surfer

If you have never surfed yourself yet, you might be imagining the immense connection between a surfer and the nature which is probably giving a fantastic experience to the person. Indeed, it is creating a great connection, however, according to the survey, surfers are pretty filled with anxiety while surfing and the reason for it is the fear of sharks. Actually, it is said over 66% of people are thinking about shark while surfing.

By the way, the world’s leading destination for surfing which is certainly California is also the number one place when it comes to the number of shark attacks.

International Surfing Day

Are you aware of the fact there is a specific day dedicated to celebrating surfing? It is the 20th of June and it is called International Surfing Day. Actually, this is the day for celebrating not only surfing as sports as well as the lifestyle of surfing but also the sustainability of ocean’s resources.

The most crucial professional surfing event

As you can imagine, surfing also has its top event when it comes to the professional sports. This is the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Tour.

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