Holidays for intermediate surfers in December

Are you looking for the greatest surfing destinations to enjoy in December? Here are some suggestions which will perfect for anyone who has already reached the intermediate level in surfing.

You will see from this short surfing guide that two regions are located in Portugal while one is in Barbados. There is a principle difference in the temperature of air in these places in winter. Even though Portugal is a southern European country, in all likelihood, you will not find it hot here in December. Providing you also would like to feel like escaping to a paradise in the winter, you might be willing to go to Barbados.


Portugal in general is suitable for surfers who are looking for more challenging places to enjoy this activity. It is also a great idea to go for surfing to Portugal since there are not too many tourists in this location in the winter. Actually, the majority of surfers choose Canaries and Morocco for winter holidays, whereas tourists generally are not particularly interested in visiting this place in the winter. Here are some ideas where you can go for surfing while staying in Portugal.


Actually, the entire Algarve is filled with places suitable for surfers up to the very province of Alentejo. If you would like to surf in the place with the best protection from the winds which might not be necessarily pleasant, you should choose Arrifana which is surrounded by cliffs. Actually, this place is also suitable for beginners.

Such protection might be needed since Algarve’s temperatures during December can vary between 18°C and 22°C, so there definitely will not be any heat. For the same reason, you should also take a 5/4 full suit. Still, it is quite possible that you will be wearing a T-shirt during the day.


You can also plan a trip to Lisbon and mix an amazing surfing vacation with an ultimate experience of exploring the fantastic city with out crowds of tourists and burning sun. The temperature in this region in December is between 17 °C and 20 °C, so it is actually not cold, however, the Portuguese surfers prefer not to surf in December. This is one more advantage as the beaches will not be overcrowded.

Staying in Lisbon will give you an opportunity to surf in its nearby locations as well and it is absolutely worth it since you will have a chance of exploring the most beautiful coastline of the entire country.

In order to prepare for surfing experience in Lisbon, it is advisable to have a pair of boots for your early session as well as 4/3 wetsuit.


In case you are not exactly sure about the temperatures in Portugal during December, you should go to Barbados where you will get the most of the winter sun. In this location, winter temperature ranges between 26°C and 31°C which makes it very warm and perfectly bearable at the same time.

Barbados itself is a wonderful destination which will be particularly loved by people who enjoy spending time in the natural sites. Just imagine the turquoise waters of Barbados and its tropical nature! The place is very serene with it fishing farms and beaches which have not been yet occupied by civilisation.

The South coast of Barbados is pretty developed, while the western side is calm. The eastern side of Barbados is pretty rugged. One of the best destinations for surfing is Bathsheba which is the home of Soup Bowl. Soup Bowl is the most famous wave of Barbados. It is hollow and right hand and almost all the time has waves to offer.

When it comes to the equipment for surfing in Barbados, you certainly will need a Rash vest and boardshorts.