Curious facts about surfing

Even if you are good at surfing, it is quite possible that you are not aware of some of the interesting facts about this amazing sport we have collected in our article. Some of these facts might appear unbelievable to you, however, this is only the truth!

The worth of the surfing industry

Surfing has been known to people for a way longer time than you might think. The modern researchers claim this sport was already known to people at least five thousand years ago! Of course, back to that time it was not exactly the same as modern surfing, yet, it mean this sport activity really has a long and fascinating history.

When it comes to the professional sport, it would be safe to assume it started in 1928 when the very first surf contest was held in California. As you can imagine, organising contests in surfing brought the sport to an absolutely new level.

Today, with all the amazing means of transportation people enjoy, surfing has become a way more popular as more and more people living in the areas without access to an ocean or a sea can travel to the regions auspicious to surfing. As a result, the industry has absolutely boosted.

According to estimations, the profit generated by the surfing industry on an annual basis is around £20 billion. It is also estimated that a total number of surfers around the world is around 25 million.

By the way, the surfing industry has changed significantly partially due to the Second World War. The war encouraged many researchers to work on the design of brand-new materials which were successfully adopted by other industries when the war finished. In such a way, resin, fibreglass as well as Styrofoam were created. These materials changed the equipment used for surfing a lot.

The greatest income from surfing

Now, when you are aware of the total income generated by the surfing industry every year, you might be wondering what is the largest income of the surfing professionals. An absolute legend of surfing is Kelly Slater who also has the largest profit in the surfing career. In 2011 alone, he managed to earn three million dollars.

The largest collection of surf boards

Earning money from surfing is almost as exciting as collecting surf boards! If you are wondering how many surf board a single person might need, you will never guess this number. For example, Donald Dettloff needs over six hundreds of them! Actually, the precise number of boards in his collection is 647.

You might imagine him having special rooms for displaying his collection to other surfing fans, yet, the entire collection of Donald was simply used for the creation of an amazing fence! This fence is surrounding his Hawaiian property.

Surfing and Hollywood stars

When it comes to surfing, it is certainly loved by many celebrities including Hollywood stars. Unfortunately, some of them are particularly prone to injuries. For example, actress Cameron Diaz has managed to break her nose while surfing four times!

Patrick Swayze was not thus unsuccessful when it comes to the number of injuries, however, his one was more serious. His surfing session ended up with breaking four ribs. The irony of this event is the fact this happened during filming one of the best films about surfing. If you are a surfing devotee, you certainly know this film is Point Break and there are many people who actually regard it to be the best film ever dedicated to surfing.

The greatest stack of surfboards

Have you ever travelled to some surfing destination with a stack of surfing boards on the top of your car? How many of surfboard were you able to stack?

Just imagine that the world record for the highest stack made of surfboards is actually 282!Well, if you think about the way such a car was able to drive with the stack, it was not thus long. It made only 30 metres with this super gigantic stack.