World records in surfing

Are you curious about exploring the world records made in surfing? This article is exactly about that! Of course, you will find here the information about the longest surf rides, however, there is much more to learn including the largest collection of surf boards and even the greatest stack of surf boards on the top of a car.

The longest ride ever

Let’s first look at the longest ride which was made by Gary Saavedra in 2011. He was using the wake of a boat for his ride which lasted for almost four hours! To be precise, it lacked only five minutes to last for complete four hours, however, it does not change anything since his time is still so far the longest result in the history of surfing.

The longest single ride

When it comes to the longest single ride, it is certainly not as long as the previously described one. This was tidal bore wave which took place in the Amazin River. It lasted for 37 minutes.

Surfing marathon

You might know there are marathons organised for various kinds of sport including surfing and some people are really very good at surfing like that. So far, the world record of the longest surf marathon belongs to Kurtis Loftus.

In 2011 he spent 29 hours and a minute surfing during a marathon in Jacksonville Beach.

The greatest tide

Surfing is not only about surfers and their achievements. It is also about tides! If you are wondering what was the largest registered tide ever, you should know it was the mega tsunami of the height of 1738ft! An even more curious fact about it was its location which is nothing warm and tropical you might have imagined. Actually, this gigantic tsunami took place in Lituya Bay which is located in Alaska. This happened in 1958.

The greatest stack of surf boards

You have certainly seen cars transporting surfing boards on their roofs. It is quite possible, you have also tried transporting them like that. Can you estimate the maximum possible number of boards one can transport like this at a time?

Certainly, it is not a simple question. Yet, the practice has shown that one can stack as many as 282 surf boards on the top of one’s car and still be able to drive it! Yet, the length of the way is not necessarily impressive. The number you have seen in this chapter is the world record for the greatest stack of surf boards and the car transported all of them at a time some thirty metres further from its starting point. Such a massive stack of surf boards was seen in California.

The greatest collection of surf boards

Now, when you know how many surf boards it is possible to stack on the roof of a car and even transport for a short way, you might be interested in learning how many surf boards it is possible to have at home. Well, this number is almost thrice larger than the record amount of stacked boards.

Currently, the leader of collecting surf boards is Donal Dettloff. Instead of creating a museum of surfing and showing his amazing collection to other surf enthusiasts, he used them for constructing a fence around his property located in Hawaii. How many surf boards are there? The last time they were counted, their number was as large as 647 boards and it is still the world record for the greatest collection of surf boards.

The number of times the same nose was broken during surfing

Although there is no official recognition for this achievement to be a world record, it is still impressive. Cameron Diaz, exactly the one you know as a popular Hollywood actress has managed to break her nose four times during surfing.