Special gear for surfing in cold weather

Surfing in the hot weather is a very enjoyable experience under the condition you indeed like it when it is hot. Yet, those who live in other locations of the world and still love surfing, have to deal with rather low temperatures. Unfortunately, sometimes these temperatures can become absolutely unbearable especially when it is windy. That is why, you will need special gear to make yourself warm.

This list will help you to prepare for your surfing session in the cold weather or give you ideas for a present for your favourite surfer who is not afraid of chilling temperatures.

Surfing boots

If you have never surfed in low temperatures, you might be wondering how it is possible since your feet will be absolutely covered with freezing water. It is possible though, however, for this purpose, you will need special boots. For surfing in the temperature below 60 degrees, it is highly recommended to invest into boots that have 3 mm thickness. These will make surfing really enjoyable rather than a struggle against cold weather.


The best option for surfers who enjoy their favourite activity in cold weather is getting an entire wetsuit with a hood. This will give you the best protection and will make absolute sense for investment.

Still, you might be a person who surf under severe weather conditions only occasionally. In such a case. you might be willing to get a separate hood that can be worn with different wetsuits. In reality, such a hood is pretty extended covering entire face and neck.


Needless to say, you will also need to protect your hands during cold weather. There are many types of gloves available on the market and you will need a proper one depending on the temperature in which you are going to surf.

If the water is between 45 degrees and 60 degrees, you will be able to make do with the gloves as thick as 2 millimetres. Yet, for colder water you will certainly need the gloves with the thickness of 3 millimetres.

Special cold wax

Finally, pay your attention to the fact such a crucial item used for surfing as surfboard wax is earmarked for particular temperatures. if you are planning to surf when it is chilling outside, you will need a special type of wax that works better in cold temperatures. This one is known as cool or cold wax.