Suiting up and transportation gear for surfers

There are many options available for you if you are looking for a gift for your favourite surfer. Definitely, anything connected to surfing can be good. In our previous article, we have already discussed practical goods which will help your surfer to maintain his or her board. Yet, those gift ideas might require some understanding of the gear that person is using. Sometimes, it is just impossible to find out such things and you will be willing to buy something which can be chosen more easily.

That is where this list of gift ideas comes useful.

Changing mat

Surfers tend to enjoy tides in various places and sometimes they have to change in rather unexpected locations. One of the major problems is keeping one’s feet clean while getting out of a wet suit.

To achieve this difficult goal, a special changing mat will prove to be very practical. There are special mats designed in such a way that you can actually double them up in such a way as to turn them into a dry bag. This one will be perfect to hold and transport your wet swimsuit, towels and wetsuits.

Changing towel

If you have ever changed your swimming suit in a public place, you know how challenging it is to stay covered and actually squeeze yourself into your clothes. The task becomes even more challenging for surfers who have to cover their entire body with such a suite.

To make things easier for this person, you can get a special poncho or changing towel. This is a budget-friendly gift that you can buy for as little as 25 USD and it will definitely prove to be handy.

Some of the ponchos available on the market are particularly user-friendly having a special kangaroo pocket located at the front that helps a person to access the suit hiding under the poncho to better adjust it.

Transportation gear

Now, let’s look at the gear that can be used for transportation of goods required for surfing. This one is also more universal, so you will be able to choose such items as a gift for your surfer easily.

Rack pads

Rack pads are useful for preventing dents that can occur in soft tops. In addition to it, such pads allow more secure board strapping for transportation on the roof rack.


Undeniably, there is no transportation without strapping your boards properly to the roof rack. This absolutely increases the safety of your surfboards as well as the people following you in their cars. For that purpose, you would like to look for proper tie down straps.

Bike rack for surfboards

One more useful gift you can give to a surfer is a special bike rack designed for surfboard transportation. If you have never seen anything such before, you might be wondering how it is possible to transport a surfboard on a bike at all. It is possible though with a rack that is attached to the side of a bike.

Of course, such a gift will make sense if only the person for whom it is earmarked can travel to the seaside by bike in the first place. Anyway, it will give him or her a lot of possibilities for extra exercises.