Surfboard maintenance: best gifts for surfers

Getting a gift for a person who is crazy about surfing can be both a simple task and a challenge at the same time. Definitely, it is obvious the best present for such a surfing fan would be anything related to surfing. Yet, if you yourself are not exactly into surfing, you might have no idea what exactly you can buy for such a person. This is where our shopping guide will come out as pretty helpful.

Surfboard wax

Surf wax is one of the gifts that is very practical and handy. While it might not bring any special sentiment into the receiver of such a gift, the person will definitely find it useful and feel grateful for it as surf wax is one of the products that happens to end from time to time. Thus having an additional package of the wax is definitely nice.

Which surf wax should you choose?

Now, the difficult part of shopping is finding the exact wax your favourite surfer is using right now. Of course, there is always a probability this person has received the wax from someone who did not know how to choose it as well and accidentally made a mistake while purchasing. Yet, let’s not go thus far and just imagine the wax is actually the one your surfer prefers.

Still, you might not be able to check this point and then, as a person who is not well-informed about surfing yourself, you might be really struggling to get the best one. In such a case, you should be aware of the fact surfboard wax is usually categorised into groups according to the most optimal temperatures of water it is earmarked for. For instance, if the water where the recipient of your gift usually surfs is below 68 degrees, you should look for cold or cool wax. Yet, special wax for tropical waters will be better for warmer locations.

Special Repair Kit for a Surfboard

Just like anything else, surfboards can get damaged as well, however, there are many insignificant damages that can be addressed without a need to using special repairmen services. This is possible though if a person has all of the necessary tools.

If you would like to provide your surfing friend with such a useful set, you can look for a surfboard repair kit. Another option is looking for the exact components of such a kit and purchase them separately.


Leash is an essential item used is surfing and it also can be destroyed for instance by getting twisted creating knots or totally snapping off. Even if nothing such has happened to your surfing friend yet, it is better to provide him or her with a spare piece so that this person immediately has one for replacement.

In order to get the best leash, you will need to know the length of the surfboard your friend is using. The perfect one should have the same length as the board, however, it can also be slightly longer.


Another crucial element that you can give as a present to a person who loves surfing is fins. These also need replacement form time to time and they can also be switched to a more advanced one for upgrade. yet, this is the present you will be able to choose under the condition of knowing exactly what is needed for the board your friend is using.

Traction pad

One more part of the surfboard that can wear out is a traction pad. Again, for this present you might need certain knowledge about what exactly is required for the particular board used by your friend.